Discovery DNA's saliva PCR screening test (for those ineligible for provincial health testing)

With rapid turnaround times and methods that follow CDC guidelines, Discovery DNA aims to bring COVID-19 screening tests to those who are looking for answers. 


COVID-19 Nanopore Sequencing not only can determine whether COVID-19 is present in a sample, wbut whether there are any changes in the virus such as mutations or variants like the U.K. variant.

We ship you a saliva collection kit with return overnight shipping so that you can provide your sample to us with ease.


Your COVID-19 results will be emailed to you when the report is completed.  If no COVID-19 is detected on the PCR test, we will only charge you for the PCR test ($199.00). This is because if there is no virus present, then we can't really sequencing it!  So we don't charge for the sequencing if the virus is not detected.


Results are typically ready within 24 – 48hrs, once received in the laboratory. Discovery DNA makes no guarantee as to when test results will be available, as demand may exceed laboratory capacity.  We reserve the right to limit quantity of orders purchased.  For custom orders please contact us at:



Please review the consent form below, by continuing to order the COVID-19 test kit you agree to the consent form.


Adult Consent Form

COVID-19 Nanopore Full Gene Sequence Test




    Thanks for purchasing, or considering to purchase, a COVID-19 Test from our website We appreciate your business during these stressful times.


    We take pride in performing the adequate quality control measures and taking the steps necessary to ensure that our lab’s protocols actions and procedures are trackable and ultimately provide you with a test result that you can trust.


    The amount of money back provided from refunds is different depending on the conditions of your order. We invite you to read the conditions explained in more detail below, in order to see the condition that applies to your situation, while following the correct procedure.


    1. If you cancel your order before we ship your sample collection kit: If you request a refund after placing your order, but before our Sample Coordinator ships you your sample collection kit, we will provide you with a full refund less a small service charge.


    2. If you cancel your order after we ship you your sample collection kit: If you request a refund after your sample kit is shipped to you, OR after you ship back the collection kit, we will provide you with a full refund less shipping and collection kit costs, and a small service charge.


    3. If your sample cannot be tested for COVID-19: When your sample kit is received by our lab, we will perform quality control checks on it to determine if your sample is fit to be run. If your sample fails these checks, then we will contact you and offer to provide you with another sample collection kit. This kit will be provided free of charge ONE time. If your sample fails the quality control checks again, you will have to repurchase another test. Please ensure that you follow the included instructions carefully to minimize the possibility of a quality control failure.


    4. If you sample is tested and you receive a result: Your COVID-19 test report will provide either a POSITIVE, NEGATIVE, or INDETERMINATE result (please see our consent form for more details).


    In the case that your test report provides you with a POSITIVE or NEGATIVE result, your order is considered closed and no refund will be issued.


    If your test report provides you with an INDETERMINATE result (and has passed the quality control checks as described in “1.” above) you may be eligible for a refund. An INDETERMINATE test result is very rare, and these will be handled on a case-by-case basis. Our team will reach out to you directly and determine the next course of action, which may include a refund, less shipping, material, and service costs.

    If you have any questions about our refund policy, please contact us at