Whole Genome Sequencing

Regions of DNA between the EXONS are called INTRONS. We don’t know what most INTRONS do but we know if we read the DNA in INTRONS, there can be a higher yield of information in diagnosing genetic diseases. Reading both the EXONS and INTRONS is called WHOLE GENOME SEQUENCING (WGS). Because more DNA regions are looked at in a WGS compared to WES, there is a higher cost to doing a WGS but it can reveal more information.


Results are typically ready within 14 business days, once received in the laboratory. Discovery DNA makes no guarantee as to when test results will be available, as demand may exceed laboratory capacity.  We reserve the right to limit quantity of orders purchased.  Cosent forms must be filled out, emailed and returned to us prior to shipping of kits.  Email consent forms to the following email address: samplecoordinator@discoverydna.ca.


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Whole Genome Sequencing


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