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Who we are

Discovery DNA is an accredited genetic testing company based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. We aim to provide a choice for patients wanting to access diagnostic tools for early detection and treatment of genetic diseases. 

We provide rapid and high quality DNA sequencing technologies that may lead to more informed healthcare decisions.


Discovery DNA reads 20,000 regions of DNA code or genes, that are linked DNA human growth, development and unfortunately, sometimes disease.


In aggregate, these areas are called an “exome” which typically provide 100 times more detail for the entire gene rather than small regions of the gene that typical ancestry-type tests capture.

Genetic mutation
Genetic laboratory

Our team has a combined 100+ years of clinical and research experience and regularly provides actionable diagnostic services and holistic care to patients – providing genetic consultation, clinical interpretation, and follow-up services.

We have helped hundreds of Canadians on their way to a diagnosis, and have partnered with Genome Canada and provincial health agencies to continue improving the lives of Canadians.

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