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Let us help you get the right genetic information
Feel confident moving forward with useful and actionable DNA discovery, together.
Maybe you're early on in your journey when it comes to a health condition and you're worried about how long it may take to get the answers you need.
Or, you may have been walking this path for years and you’re feeling frustrated and overwhelmed.
But regardless of where you’re at, you’re likely:
  • spending hours online at night trying to figure out your next step

  • told to be patient but want the process to move faster

  • spending a lot of time waiting when all you want is answers

  • feeling overloaded with information and alone in your experience

The last thing you want right now is to hit another dead end and you know that better information leads to better decisions.
You’re doing all of the right things, but what’s missing is the right data...
Our approach ensures you have the right data from an accredited source paired with genetic counselling to tell you what it all means,
so you’re
more informed
when you take
your next steps


Our genetic counselor meets with you for a no-obligation, no-cost consultation to understand your individual needs and decide which test, if any, is right for you


We collect your sample painlessly and send it to our accredited laboratory led by industry-leading experts based in Canada


Our genetic counsellor will walk you through the results and help you understand your unique genetic insights


Unlike other alternatives, we provide you with a copy of your results to share with your care team
Our promise to you
Your data is safe with us and always secured and encrypted in Canada
Medical experts will always interpret your data
A medically accredited analysis performed with high standards
You get your results fast to help you make decisions about your health
While other genetic test companies provide you with entertaining facts, we focus on helping you understand how your genetics impact your health.
We’ve performed hundreds of genetic tests for all kinds of disorders so that we can help you find meaning of your genetic insights
we’re qualified to do this for you.
If you’re wanting something more concrete and you’re tired of waiting…
Why wait when you can get more information sooner?
Our free no-obligation consultation will help us understand your unique health needs and determine if one of our tests is right for you.
Before we make any decisions
lets talk, to determine if this is the right step for you.
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