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Decide which genetic analysis best suits your needs.*



Order your easy-to-use kit to be delivered to you or your doctor.



Spit in the tube provided and mail it back to our team using the pre-paid package.




Discover what your DNA says about you and your health in 6-8 weeks.

*Everyone’s needs are different, if you are unsure, click here to request a consultation!


Why Choose Discovery DNA?​

We focus on your health

Discovery DNA reads regions of the DNA (AKA “genes”) that are linked to human growth, development, and unfortunately, sometimes disease. Our focus is to help find changes in these genes that could affect your health.​

We are held to high standards
Our tests are regulated and fully accredited for medical use, and our products and equipment are those used by hospitals. Your results are also reviewed by a licensed medical geneticist and can be sent to your doctor for medical follow-up. As part of our accreditation, our processes meet or exceed industry standards for medically relevant results - for those who want the serious genetic tests.

We help you choose the right test

With all the different genetic tests in the market today, it's easy to get confused. 

Contact us today and we can help you decide what would be best for you!


For when there is a good idea of what the diagnosis is (e.g., epilepsy, haemachromatosis)

For when it is not clear which genes need to be looked at – analyzes ~50 million base pairs

  • Includes mtDNA and PGX

Provides even higher yield than WES – analyzes ~3.2 billion base pairs

  • Includes mtDNA and PGX

Detects changes in your mitochondrial genome, which is separate from your exome or genome - ~16 thousand base pairs.

  • Included with WES/WGS

Detects changes in genes that affect how your body reacts to certain medications.

  • Included with WES/WGS

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