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Note: As a value-add, this test includes pharmacogenomic analysis (PGX) and mitochondrial genome analysis (mtDNA), unless you choose to opt out.


What is a whole exome sequencing (WES) test?

A whole exome sequencing (WES) test analyzes all of someone's DNA that is responsible for making proteins. By doing this, we look at approximately 20,000 genes and see if there are any changes that could have any clinically significant effects. 


During your pre-test consultation, we will ask you what kind of things you are concerned about (e.g., chronic pain, seizures, or other widespread symptoms), and use that information to look for any gene variants that could potentially be affecting those concerns. We will then report the results to you in a post-test consultation, and can provide a letter to your doctor to help inform the next steps.


When should I order a WES test?

If it is not quite clear what the cause of a patient's symptoms is, or if multiple gene panels are being considered to find a diagnosis, a WES test can provide a more cost and time efficient way of finding out the gene variation responsible for a patient's conditions and/or symptoms. 


Included with your purchase:

  • Simple and easy self-collection kit from industry-leader DNA Genotek
  • All the shipping supplies and documentation needed
  • Sample processing and analysis pipeline accredited by the College of Physicians & Surgeons of Alberta (CPSA)
  • Pre-test counselling session, during which we can help you decide what test to order
  • Post-test counselling session, to help you understand your results
  • If required, a doctor's letter to your care team disclosing the results


For more information, contact us at


Important Information:

Results are typically ready within 2-3 months, once received in the laboratory. Discovery DNA makes no guarantee as to when test results will be available, as demand may exceed laboratory capacity.  We reserve the right to limit quantity of orders purchased.  Consent forms must be filled out, emailed and returned to us prior to shipping of kits. 


Please completed email consent forms to:


Adult Consent Form


Adults providing consent for a minor 

Whole Exome Sequencing (WES)

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